Childhood And Youth

Chris was born on July 12 th 1952 in the village of Schötmar, he growed up in mid towns Bad Salzuflen and Bad Oeynhausen situated in North-West Germany. He never had seen his father because the family had been abandoned by him early.
Attending Primary-and Secondary-school in Bad Salzuflen and Bad Oeynhausen. Chris growed up with his mother and one brother. Mum Heckert got married again later. Chris have had a very luckily childhood.

One of his talents was translating abstractive technical terms into colloquial speech.
He loved cars absolutely. Therefore he served apprenticeship becoming a car mechanic in a garage named Opel-Autohaus Jäcker in Bad Oeynhausen.

Summer lawn
Christmas 1963
Walk with parents
Driving without licence
Christmas 1968
Venice 1969
Familie with father-in-law
The Alfa Romeo and me
Family Windolph and me