Curriculum Vitae
Translated with supplements by Helmut Schneider

His nickname "Kalli von Dickerli" came from his chubby face when he was a boy. Later when he raised to a tall young man it was transformed and shorted to "Kalli". As a teenager he used to wear long blond hairs, jeans, sports clothing and cowboy boots - all what belongs to a friendly smiling sunny boy.

With quick steps through his life

Car mechanic apprenticeship, employee in the same garage, big interests on special tasks, work on V 8 engines, with patience solving any kind of mechanical problems also in hot seasons in desert or jungle. No stomach for attending professional schools, his motto is learning by doing. As an outgoing person Chris sometimes doesn't take care of himself: He helps a lot other people repairing cars but only few support comes back. His employers utilize this attitude sometimes. zuhause

Parental Home, Germany and Europe finally become too narrow-minded.'Let's go far away he starts his first tour with two friends to America: New York, Alaska, the fellows are 6 months on the way with an old Dodge van throughout North America. Repairs gives him a good mechanical background. The plan going down to Argentina was given up by reason of lack of time.

Crossing and visiting so many places in U.S. a trip to Mexico's South wouldn't be nice ? But first travellers have to go home, for work and save money. Again week-day, living with mother and stepfather. After a while Chris get's a job-offer as a mechanic for derricks in Saudi-Arabia. He accepts the well paid job. At the end about 6 years he's been living in a dessert men-camp doing a risky job within a circle of eccentric colleagues.

Adventurous Job doing services on derricks, exceptional journeys, diving in Red See, risky salvage operations, executing strange instructions what ever - even lost incisors, wounded lips and hurts from a tumbled derrick keeps him joking.

Sometimes camp-life is becoming narrow. Coming back to Germany for holidays, meeting nice zuhause women, enjoying good German beer: Welcome back! He really loves women and is loved by them. Short intensive partnerships follows but marriage, traditionally family life with household and kids that's no business of him. However there are joint pleasure trips to abroud and gifts generous financed by him. At the end farewell going back to work in Saudi-Arabia. As a humble man he likes to live under conditions of a dessert camp far away from home.

Nearly 1986 booming Saudi-Arabia declines. No business anymore for the company Chris works with. He and his colleagues has to quit there jobs. But what do with the savings? Instead to fly to Canada to visit a girl friend he exports a Maserati Chamin to Germany bought by a Saudi-prince. At home some difficulties with licenses cause long parking in a garage. Finally the car sold with heavy loss.

Start working again in Germany. Soon a feeling of narrow, less money, things are looking black. Thinking on a trip to South-America. How nice in this moment friend Michael Dettki wants to ship a car to Florida, from there taking the route to Central-America, to Belize. For Chris a fantastic idea is born. The journey starts from Jacksonville carried out with a pistol for self defence. Luckily without any armed conflict in Mexico Belize is reached.

Sun, white palm beaches, blue see, nice people with exuberant ideas. He feels to be at home quickly. Later Chris brings an Mercedes-Benz Truck (Unimog) from Germany via Florida to San Ignacio/Belize prepared for passenger transportation. Now then mainly in the rainy season he brings tourists, golddiggers, official and non-official scientists, artists and adventurer to the jungle. Fall in love to a Belizean young woman, Rosalba. Living as couple in San Ignacio together with her little child. He likes to be with kids it seams he's dreaming in the same structures how children do. He's loved by them. Nevertheless a weighty decision physically/medically is done never having own kids.

Dreams are empty: Disunion, losing woman, kid and house and much money because Rosalba was only able to finance the construction of the common occupied house on her families yard with his money. Add to this that some competitors in Cayo are trying Chris to turn out of tourism with dirty tricks. A short trip to Brasil meeting friends brings a breathing-time. Back in Belize become acquainted with an beautiful American woman in San Ignacio. New luck starts, by auto repairs and orders to gold digger camps he earns some money but it isn't enough for basic needs. At the end again disunion connected with lack of sufficient income leads to the decision give up the plan to establish himself for the long run in Belize. A friendly globetrotter borrows money for a ticket to Germany and gives him a lift into a white Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck (same color his own truck had now sold) to the airport of Cancun / Yucatan.

Back in Germany start is hard. Poor-relief, little money from an forgotten insurance account helps just so cheap accommodation. Old relationships work, nach der Arbeita new job is found quickly. The problem becomes again so less money for so much work including unpunctual pay days. Always looking for new alternatives Chris deals with cars, is able to sell some to Spain successfully. This brings him together with a woman in Bad Oeynhausen who plans to emigrate to Spain. Shortly later they fall in love tumultuous. Not to Spain but to Southern Germany they move with 3 kids and several animals. Chris is going to be an employee in a big car garage in the Town of Singen/Bodensee. Interesting workacknowledgement, the salaryss isn't so good but the weather is better than in Northern Germany the best is finding a new love with a complete family. His foreman moves to a competition firm therefore he is challenged with a lot of work alone: overlong working days, no leafs, less money, meanwhile 50 years old. Death of his Mother, dissolve her apartment, some own health problems, no time, always busy. In his mind the very painful thought: If he hadn't left the hospital so early his mother wouldn't have died alone.

All is so narrow-minded, eternity is far away, too far away. Our heart is becoming narrow, narrow of pain.


Marie-Luise Windolph